Protect the Egg!

Completed on 3/6/2018

What do I need to do?

Create an original and innovative solution to prevent an egg from cracking during transport.

Full Details

The Challenge
Nonspec is a revolutionary company creating prosthetics for people all over the world. Unfortunately, in some cases, the prosthetics get damaged in shipping. Other companies face this issue when delivering fragile medicine. Nonspec wants to see how you will tackle this problem!

To do this, the challenge is to create something that protects an egg from the potential damage that can be caused during shipping. This is a challenge that has been done in the past, so feel free to get inspiration online, but know that originality is a key criterion in this challenge, so make sure you come up with something original!

Your Benefit
1. Practice application of physics principles and other STEM skills
2. Demonstrate your creativity
3. Practice your video creation skills

What to Submit
Submit a video documenting your solution. Be sure to also describe your solution in the video.

Judging Criteria
1. Originality
2. Complexity
3. Weight
4. Size
5. Affordability
*Do not limit yourself to creating something that can just survive a fall. Think outside the box and you'll get extra points!

Additional Details
1. The link below shows some of the top solutions for the egg drop challenge. As mentioned, you can use this for inspiration, but know that exact copies of this solution will make you lose points!