Your App is Toast

Created by Toast

$3,000 Prize

Ended on 4/5/19

Choose an app and create a video describing how you would test if it's working properly.

What to Submit
Upload your video file.
If you want to do a screen recording as part of the video, here are some helpful resources as to how to do that on your phone:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the ScholarJet team at or message us using our chat tool (bottom right corner of the screen).
Detailed Description

Toast's Quality Assurance team wants to see your app testing skills. Impress them and you can get hired!

The competition is to choose an app on your phone/tablet and create a video describing how you would test if it's working properly. The goal is to be as detailed and thorough as possible. If it helps, you can focus on a few particular features of the app, but then dive into all the different ways you would test that feature.

To capture your findings, you can record yourself holding your phone/tablet while you're walking through the testing OR you can use a screen recording tool and add a voice-over. See the resources section for some screen recording tool suggestions.

Here are some suggestions for general features to test:

  • Signing-up
  • Uploading files (if applicable)
  • Referring friends (if applicable)
  • Running the app on slower or choppy internet

No coding required!

Do I Qualify?

To apply, you must:
  • Be an undergraduate student attending college in Massachusetts
  • Be financial aid eligible, meaning you receive some form of financial aid from the government or your school

What If I Don't Win?

  1. Everyone who submits is considered for employment.
  2. Multiple applicants can be hired from a single competition.
  3. Each competition gives you experience that you can put on your resume and share in future interviews.

You benefit no matter what happens!

Participating Early


Employers want to see that you're proactive and excited about their company.

If you submit early, you're more likely to be brought in for an interview and get hired.