Code Your Resume

Created by Akamai

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Submit by March 18, 10PM

Spots are limited. Submit early and increase your chances of getting a job interview!

Use your coding skills to create an interactive resume about yourself.

What to Submit

1. Upload the link to your website or let us know how to access what you have created. We can accept any file type.

2. Upload the link to your code repository so we can see the code behind your submission.

To apply, you must:
  • Be an undergraduate student enrolled at a college in Massachusetts
  • Be financial aid eligible, meaning you receive some form of financial aid from the government or your school
Detailed Description

Akamai, one of the top tech companies in the world, wants to see your coding skills!

The competition is to create an interactive resume. You can create a website, app, game, or anything else you want, as long as it showcases who you are, what you've done, and how awesome you are!

You'll get extra points for showing off your technical skills and for being creative, so think outside of the box. (AKA, don't submit a plain website with a list of your projects.)

Complexity and Technical Ability
Does the submission show strong technical abilities?
Is the submission well-organized, aesthetically pleasing, and free of formatting mistakes?
How creative is the submission? How much does it stand out from the others?
Overall, with all factors considered, what did you think of this student's submission? Would you want to bring this student in for an interview?
Skills Practiced
  • General coding skills
  • Communication of technical topics
  • App development
  • Web development

For inspiration, check out some of the best tech resumes ever created here. Our favorite is a Super Mario Themed one, created by Robby Leonardi.

Reach out to for any questions regarding how to submit, clarity on the competition details, or any questions you might have.

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