Cooking up Change

Created by Toast

$3,000 Prize

Ended on 4/5/19

Visit a local restaurant and find solutions to improve their ordering and transaction systems.

What to Submit

Introduce the restaurant, its problems, and present your solution(s) in a 3-5 minute video.

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Detailed Description

Toast's business development team wants to see your sales skills. Impress them and you can get hired!

For this competition, you must find a restaurant and figure out solutions to help improve their ordering and transaction systems. Look to see how you can make things faster, cheaper, more accurate, and generally more efficient.

To present your findings, record a 3-5 minute video introducing the restaurant, its problems, and what solutions you think the restaurant should implement.

Here are some qualities of restaurants who would be a good fit:

  • No online or self-ordering systems
  • Outdated technology (old cash registers and lots of handwritten notes)
  • Lack of communication between people taking orders and people making food

Do I Qualify?

To apply, you must:
  • Be an undergraduate student attending college in Massachusetts
  • Be financial aid eligible, meaning you receive some form of financial aid from the government or your school

What If I Don't Win?

  1. Everyone who submits is considered for employment.
  2. Multiple applicants can be hired from a single competition.
  3. Each competition gives you experience that you can put on your resume and share in future interviews.

You benefit no matter what happens!

Participating Early


Employers want to see that you're proactive and excited about their company.

If you submit early, you're more likely to be brought in for an interview and get hired.