Design for Disability

Created by Nonspec


$1,000 Prize
Ended on 5/29/18

Design something to improve the everyday life of a person with physical disabilities.


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Maybellene Aung

Northeastern University


What to Submit
You may submit pictures or videos to present your design- accompanied with written explanations if you see fit. Submit a video and/or PDF for your final submission.
This challenge is open to undergraduate students in MA. You must be financial aid eligible to apply. We will verify if you win.
Detailed Description
The challenge is to design something that would improve a physically disabled person's everyday life. Prototypes of the design are not mandatory but may help in explaining your solution. Feel free to use your choice of software (SolidWorks, Illustrator, Onshape, Autodesk Fusion 360, etc.) or hand draw your solution. 

Is this something that already exists? How unique is this idea? If this is an improvement upon an existing solution, how substantial is the change?
How impactful will this solution be to a person's life?
How much was this idea thought out? Is it feasible? Does it look like there was a lot of effort put in to think about the end user? Is the end design aesthetically appealing?
How well was the idea conveyed in the final submission?
User Experience
How easy will this solution be to implement for the user?