Health Educator

Created by VNMAP


$1,000 Prize
Ended on 6/1/18

Create a program/project that is related to health and the Vietnamese American Community.


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Anh Le

University of Maryland-College Park


What to Submit

Upload any file type. It can be video or PowerPoint as long as you get the main points across. We are open to what you have to offer! Share your submission with



This challenge is open to all current undergraduate students with financial need in the U.S.

Detailed Description
VNMAP's goal is to enable students to get creative on how to engage or create projects/programs that will help to address health-related issues promote healthy behaviors and projects that are aligned with the mission of VNMAP.

VNMAP's mission:
1) Enhance educational experience in public health and medicine for volunteers, health professional students, and health care providers.
2) Empower students to take the lead to serve their community.
3) Provide high-quality medical services and health education to the Vietnamese communities in the US and in Vietnam.
How clear were the student's message and information in their submission?
How unique and creative was the student's submission?
How relevant was the student's submission to the prompt of the challenge?
Overall Impact
What is the potential impact of this student's submission?
Real-World Application Ability
How practical and realistic is this student's submission?
Skills Practiced

1) Learn about health education programs.

2) Learn about the Vietnamese American Community/population.

3) Learn about an important social issue.

4) Learn about effective methods of advocacy.

5) Practice your visual or written presentation skills.