Dream Chaser

Created by Bottom Line


$1,000 Prize
Ended on 5/15/18

Share your dreams and aspirations for yourself and your community!


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Amy Dang

Northeastern University


What to Submit
Submit a 2-3 minute video. You can do this with just your phone.
This challenge is open to high school seniors and undergraduate students in MA. You must be financial aid eligible to apply. We will verify if you win.
Detailed Description
This challenge is to enable you to speak up about your dreams, aspirations, and causes you care about.

Share your submission with the #SJDreamChaser
Is the student able to portray their dreams and aspirations in a way that is easily understood?
What is the overall quality of the student's submission? Does it look like they put in time and effort? Do not take video quality into consideration.
How creative and unique was the student's submission?
Skills Practiced
1. A chance to share your dreams and aspirations
2. Exercise your creativity
3. Reflect on yourself and your role in your community