Rising Coding Star

Created by Rapid7


$2,000 Prize
Ended on 11/30/18

Create a compilation of your best coding work and show why you'd love to work at Rapid7.


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Kody Thach

University of Massachusetts-Lowell


What to Submit

Upload your 2-4 minute video file, walking through your work with a portion highlighting your interest in Rapid7


Send link(s) to your web app and/or a link to your code to review with a short (1-3 paragraph) description of the project, why you decided to build it, and your interest in Rapid7

To apply, you must:
  • Be an undergraduate student enrolled at a college in Massachusetts
  • Be financial aid eligible, meaning you receive some form of financial aid from the government or your school
Detailed Description

Rapid7 is looking for some rock star software engineers to show off their coding skills and interest in getting started in the cybersecurity industry.

The competition is to create a 2-4 minute video highlighting your top coding projects, sharing your passion for cybersecurity, and why you would love to join the Rapid7 team. Make sure you explain what each project is, rather than just showing screenshots / screen recordings.

Top applicants will get a chance to interview at Rapid7 for a paid internship, co-op, or entry-level position.

Complexity and Technical Ability
Does the submission show strong technical abilities?
Is the submission well-organized, aesthetically pleasing, and free of formatting mistakes?
How unique is the submission? How much does it stand out from the crowd?
How well did the student communicate their work? Did you clearly understand what each project entailed?
Skills Practiced
  • General coding skills
  • Communication of technical topics
  • App development
  • Web development

Reach out to support@scholarjet.com for any questions regarding how to submit, clarity on the competition details, or any questions you might have.