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$1,000 Prize
Ended on 11/30/18

Want to work in the coolest office in Boston? Upload your best work from class, work, or your hobby.


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Jessica Gallagher

Bridgewater State University


What to Submit

Upload your best work in a video, website, app, or digital presentation. Include information about how you came up with the project(s), your process, and what impact it had afterward.

Additional Guidelines(Only if it applies):

  • Keep videos between 1-4 minutes long.
  • Keep presentations at 10 slides or less.
Reach out to for any questions regarding how to submit, clarity on the competition details, or any questions you might have.
Detailed Description

The WeWork community includes hundreds of amazing companies of all shapes and sizes. They’re always looking to hire top talent and want to see what you can bring to the table. By participating in this competition, you have the opportunity to be recruited by a fast-growing startup or one of the top companies in the nation that best fits your skillset!

We’re looking for creatives, coders, marketers, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and everyone in between.

The competition is to simply compile your best work and talk about it. We want to see what you can do and what you’re passionate about.