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Submit by 3/12/2020

What do I need to do?

Imagine you're a recruiter and you found a great candidate for a job. Show us what you would say to them and how you would advocate for them.

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Top Submission Wins $500

Company & Job Information


Hollister Staffing has two teams who are currently hiring recruiters with no previous recruiting experience required. Your application on ScholarJet will help you be considered for an interview for both roles at Hollister!

Who Can Apply?


Applicants should:

1. Be interested in working for Hollister Staffing in Boston, MA

2. Be available to work full-time starting now or by the end of June 2020.

Full Details

What to Submit
1. Upload a PDF with an email that you would send to the candidate to get them to chat with you and learn more.
2. Upload a 1-2 minute video or audio recording of you explaining why the candidate is a great fit for that job.
3. Upload a PDF or screenshot of the job description you chose for your submission.
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Detailed Description

1. Choose a job posting that's live on any website (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.). If you have any trouble finding a job post, feel free to let us know at

2. Take a screenshot or copy and paste that job posting into a doc so you can reference it in case it goes down. Keep this to upload in your final submission.

3. Imagine you found a candidate who's an amazing fit for the job you selected. You can make up any details about the candidate to make it fun! 

4. Write an email that you would send to them to get them to chat with you and learn more. Save this document as a PDF. This will also be included in your submission.

5. Record a 1-2 minute video or audio recording explaining why that candidate is great for the job. In this case, your audience would be the Hollister Staffing team, not the candidate. We're looking to understand how you would match candidates with jobs and how you would communicate verbally. This will be the third and last piece of the submission!

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