Refine & Redesign

What do I need to do?

Choose a website and redesign its home page to be more user friendly/intuitive. Upload your design as a PDF. (No Coding Required.)

Prize Money


Top Submission Wins $1,000

Company & Job Information


By applying to this competition, you will be considered to be interviewed for Rapid7's rotational program in a UX/Design-focused track.

Who Can Apply?


To apply, you must:

  1. Be an undergrad student or college graduate with student loan debt
  2. Interested in working for Rapid7 in Boston, MA
  3. You must be authorized to work in the U.S.

Full Details

What to Submit

1. Upload your design as a PDF.

2. Include a link to the existing home page in the description of your submission.


We recommend using software like:

1. Adobe XD
2. Sketch
3. Invision Studio

For more inspiration check out Pinterest or Dribbble.

Detailed Description

If you're interested in web design, UX/UI, or user research, this is the right competition for you.

Choose any website and redesign its home page to be more user friendly/intuitive. This can mean changing style to better align with the website's core demographic, correcting design decisions you disagree with, implementing color blind modes, etc. Anything you can justify changing is fair game.

Feel free to comment within the PDF or in your submission description any changes or decisions you made that you want to clarify, alternatively you may let your work speak for itself.

Things to consider changing:
1. Images

2. Calls to Action/Button Text/Placement

3. General Layout of Images/Text

4. Fonts

5. Colors

6. Descriptive Text

7. Length of Page